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God Works In Mysterious Ways.

My Family had given me a gift certificate for a 1 month service with “ There’s No Place Like Home” Care Giving Service for Christmas. I reluctantly accepted the gift. By the time my Caregiver left on that first visit I knew we would be fast friends and looked forward to her weekly visits. She is very efficient and disciplined in using her time. My Caregiver always arrives and departs with a smile.


About 6 weeks later I was out with my daughter in law and fell and fractured my knee cap. I spent the next 5 weeks in the care center. When I came home I needed constant care. My Family and There’s No Place Like Home cares for me until I was able to walk again. It has now been 1 year since that wonderful Christmas gift brought There’s No Place Like Home into my Life.

Sincerely, June


Dependable and Always On Time.

I have had “ There’s No Place Like Home” Care Giving Service for the past two years. I suffer from Parkinson's Disease and need a lot of care. All the employees have been skilled at their tasks and are very nice. 


There’s No Place Like Home are very dependable and are always on time.


Recently I fell and I fractured my femur. I had surgery where they put in 3 plates and 24 screws in my leg. The Doctors told me I would be off both legs for 12 weeks! There’s No Place Like Home staff provided the extra care needed for a speedy recovery. There’s No Place Like Home staff continues to care for me.

Evelyn Neithercutt


Outstanding Cargiver.

“Vicky has been an outstanding caregiver to us. She not only comforts you but she is ready and willing to take you to doctor visits or various destinations. She’s an outstanding cook, and she not only cooks but also serves our meal and cleans up afterwards.


She was very kind and gentle to my husband who recently passed away from complications from Parkinson’s disease. Vicky helped groom him and took him on long walks, doctor’s appointments, and barber shop visits. She stayed for a weekend caring for my husband so that I was able to go visit my sister. She is very helpful with household chores, and she not only makes your bed but washes your bedding, folds it, and puts it away. I feel Vicky is a very trustworthy person and her manner is very clean.”


I still continue to use “ There’s No Place Like Home “ and I highly recommend them.

Joyce Robinson


I Feel and Look Like A Queen.

When my son and daughter-in-law suggested that I get some help to keep up the house. I did not think I really needed it. I had always kept up my house myself. Now that I have "There’s No Place Like Home" comes in once a week my house has never looked better.


I had not been able to soak in the tub for a long time because I was not able to get in and out by my self. My Care Giver helps me take a bath once a week and I soak till my heart's content.

She also washes, drys and curls my hair. I feel and look like a Queen when she is done.


My Care Giver is a great cook and always leaves me with a fridge full of food.

Sincerely, Eunice Green


Caring and Devoted.

In the spring of 2011 my elderly father’s health began to decline quite rapidly. He chose to not spend the last month of his life in a convalescent hospital away from the only home he had ever known at the family ranch. At that time my family and I decided to employ the care giving staff at There’s No Place Like Home.


We found their staff to be vary caring and devoted to all of our father’s needs. They cleaned house, made sure Dad was bathed, shaved, and had much enjoyable conversation with him. By the way, their cooking was sensational.


I would highly recommend giving There’s No Place Like Home a try. I’m glad we did.

Sincerely, Robert Snyder

An Absolute Blessing

It has been over two years now that we have had Vicky from "There's No Place Like Home" as a caregiver coming to the home of my father in-law. It began after a hospital stay when he returned home we found that he needed more care than what we were able to provide. We started with one afternoon per week and are now having the Caregivers coming 3 afternoons per week. They are always pleasant, on time, and devoted to helping my father in-law in order for him to continue living at home. They are always dependable and he loves having them come each time.

I don't know what we would have done without Vicky and her team. They have been an absolute blessing to our family. Thank you for the continued care you have given my father in-law and the support you  have given us.

Sincerely, Ruth

Excellent Assistance

There's No Place Like Home has provided excellent assistance for our mother for several years.  In spite of her Alzheimer’s, they’ve allowed Mom to retain her independence by taking her out for day trips around Woodland.   The caregivers are well-trained, reliable, compassionate, and trustworthy.

 Scott and Casey Stone

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